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Find friends, communicate, and compete in an amazing life simulator known as Avakin Life, the best 3D adventure in your life. Get into the mobile version of the game to keep your most favorite entertainment at hand all the time – be sure that this smaller version doesn’t have any restrictions and limitations. The realistic and well-done 3D environment is as advanced as the one you have seen on the PC version, while all the tasks and locations are available for you to check out. The world is open for your investigations and expands itself all the time, so you will have a chance to discover new places and get fresh experience whenever you play this awesome sim. Create your original character and then design his/her flat to your taste, showing how creative and inventive you are. Show your personality and make all of your bravest ideas come to life. The flat can serve as a place for noisy parties, meeting with your new and old friends, and a masterpiece of interior design you will show to everyone. Call your buddies to see your place and boast of having creative skills that can be envied. You will get the highest rating in the game in case you will manage to create something really stunning and other people will find your ideas great. Become a character designer, interior creator, and a star of the social group. It takes time and effort to make something exciting, but if you are inspired enough, we bet that you will arrange the best and most memorable flat ever.
In the game, you will find a free chat – not just a textual messenger, but an entire 3D platform where you can see and talk to other people (their characters, we mean). You are free to travel around the large open world, where you can investigate new locations every single day. Your flat will be arranged to your taste and your buddies will see it once you invite them. In turn, they will invite you and the endless parties will become a part of your daily routine. Get in and have fun!

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