Avakin Life 2020

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One of the best life simulators ever existed is Avakin Life! You can play this amazing game on any of your mobile devices, bringing your dreams and fantasies about the perfect life into the world. Life sims have always been extremely popular, but not all of them are equally good. As for this one, you are welcome to immerse yourself into a realistic 3D adventure, where you can create different characters and arrange stories of their lives. The game is done with attention to detail and cool graphics – you can create a character that looks like you and outlive a scenario you always wanted to. On the other hand, you can make a fantastic persona and try creating the new story with him or her. Everything here depends on your decisions – you are a literally digital god!
The version of the game launched in 2020 is a real masterpiece. Once you launch it, you get access to numerous functions that allow you to perform endless actions and manipulations. As in the previous parts of the title, you start with a character you create. Make him or her from scratch, choosing all the details, from face expression and hair to clothes and temper. The modern and good-looking graphics will amaze even the most experienced players and fans of the genre. After you are done with your character, get ready to dive into a thrilling life full of emotions and real stories. Enjoy beautiful scenery, travel around the world, find friends, create your own flat, and outlive a life you have always been dreaming of.
As you may know, the developers of the series launch new features and addition functions all the time, but this game is a brand new version of Avakin Life. The new features here are amazing and we bet that you have never seen anything like this before. There are new ways to gain achievements and get gems, communicate with other players, arrange parties, and travel around the endless and exciting digital world. Get tasks, complete them, and receive bonus scores that will allow you to get new things, interior objects, and more. There is an online chat here, so you can find real fans of Avakin Life and talk to them in the real time. Play, build, travel, party, and get new friends in this amazing digital world where all of your dreams come true! The locations, achievements, design opportunities, and characters are waiting for you in this new version of the game. Call your friends and find new ones in the process of playing – this title is a real masterpiece of the genre and we bet that you will have a really great time playing it! Launch it online and enjoy it wherever you are!

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