Avakin Life 2

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Are you ready to continue your thrilling adventures in the amazing 3D world? Welcome to the second part of Avakin Life, one of the best life simulators ever launched. If you have been looking for an opportunity to live a perfect life and you agree that digital one is no less amazing and fun than a real one, well, then here is the best entertainment for your weekend. In the second part of the game, you will enjoy a lump of new features and cool things, so if you have been waiting for this chapter for a long time, then no need to wait any longer – you are welcome to check it out right now! It is a free and full version, so no restrictions are possible.
What is waiting for you in a thrilling and engaging life sim? First of all, here you will find a great deal of customization options. The game offers a deal of settings that allow you to create a realistic character. Whatever style you want, you can find it in the game for sure. Second, there are new opportunities for interior design. You are welcome to create a house of your dream and amaze yourself and all the other players with cool and fresh design ideas that will surely bring you new achievements and scores. Using received gems, you will have a chance to purchase new tools, furniture, decorations, and other magnificent stuff that will make your house original and modern. Everything is in your hands now and nobody can prevent you from creating a dream-house as well as making your character look the way you want. Choose the clothes (there is a set of new ones in the second part), face traits, hair, and more. The entire universe, large and variable, is in your hands! And the presence of other players will surely make your playing experience only richer. Communicate, create, travel, and enjoy!

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