Unlimited Money

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The main competitor of amazing Sims, Avakin Life will surely get the high place in your list of favorite games. Playing this digital life simulator, you will have a chance to immerse into a virtual world of opportunities and fun. The open world is ready to accept you! In turn, you are expected to show all of your imagination and creative skills – there are so many opportunities to try out. The most courageous experiments you can imagine are all possible now in the world of Avakin, so you can see all of your wishes coming true when playing this genius title. Reality will obey you like it never did with unlimited money!
The mods we have prepared for you will surely make your playing experience even richer. First of all, you have more character creation opportunities now – the game developers added new features and customization options to let your change your character the way you want. New hairstyles, clothes, and super-cool accessories are waiting for you in this mods. You are welcome to apply them to your game and get something really amazing that can never be found in the original version of the game. Second, there are mods that give you a chance to add new décor and cool features including furniture to the house you create. The mods will provide you with unique elements that are not present in the initial version of the title and you will surely enjoy the brand new way of playing. Create a comfortable and cozy room, invite your friends, and let them see that you have some really cool things to show. The mods will help you stand out of the crowd of other players and add some exclusive elements to your design and appearance. Have fun and don’t restrict yourself anyhow with this cool pack of mods.

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