Avakin Life 3D

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Virtual life is attractive since it is free from limitations and restrictions we have to face in the real world. We don’t choose the way we look and where we live when we are born and sometimes it is really hard to make yourself a kind of person you would like to be. What is more, dream of your well-designed and beautiful house can also seem too distant and complicated to achieve. However, with the latest technologies and highly-advanced game development field, everything becomes more achievable. If you agree that the boarders between real and digital life become more and more blurry these days, then we welcome you to try a perfect life simulator game called Avakin Life.
This one is an advanced and extremely popular 3D title where you can create a house of your dream and socialize talking and playing with other participants from the server. The game reminds of a large social network where you have an avatar (a character you create to play for), your own place (a house designed by you), and an opportunity to compete with other gamers for being the best designer and coolest character in the game. To compete with them, you will arrange meetings and parties in your flats, grading them afterwards. As a result, the most highly-graded houses will climb higher on the table of players and you will have all chances to get to the top and become a champion of Avakin Life. Enter the game now and test your skills! Amaze everyone and become a winner! The game is free to play on this platform and you don’t have to download it – the online version is available for your computer and mobile devices, so enjoy it whenever you feel so. Are you ready for the best digital 3D adventure in your life? Then join now and have fun!

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